Bring on the shiny stuff.

So I wrote last week about how my iPhone and I weren’t getting along when it came to GPS run tracking. I’ve now deleted the apps from my phone and won’t be returning to them (unless of course, as I expect it’s the phone not the software. In which case when my short Yorkshire arms ever delve into my deal Yorkshire pockets and buy a new phone I may consider reinstalling!)

I’ve currently got a Garmin Forerunner 305, which I’ve used a few times on the run but mainly as a bike computer.


Seeing as I haven’t used it for a while I thought I’d strap it onto the babies buggy when taking her for a walk to work out distances of landmarks for my future runs. I found a great bridge over the Harland Way in Wetherby that is exactly 5km door to door. Or so I thought!

As I’m no longer running with my iPhone I wanted a small, accurate GPS watch. One I’ve been watching for a little while is the Garmin Forerunner 10.


For the £70 it cost from Amazon it does exactly what I want and nothing I don’t. Other than the odd thing like pace and run-walk it basically just does everything I want it to do and nothing I don’t.

I’ve now used it a few times and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s accurate, consistent, very lightweight and I love it.


What a bag of knackers!

Quick post for this afternoon.

Having done a nice little stop start 6km with my group of cadets on Thursday night I fancied a run on my own this afternoon. Now I’m the sort that likes a bit of technology and love my IPhone.
A few years ago I found the Nike+ GPS app for free for the weekend. I’ve used it successfully ever since…..Until today!

Having updated the app with the new auto pause function I got ready and set off. After 1.5km the bloody thing started started to cycle between on and paused. I tried putting the phone into locked mode to see if it would stop. 10 minutes later I unlocked the phone to see that it had locked in paused mode and I’d apparently only run 1.75km.

As I said before I love technology and I find it very demotivating to not know how far I’ve gone. I therefor cut my run short and stopped at home as I got there. Either way though I ran for at least 3km. Not much but better than a kick in the nuts and 3km closer to my Outlaw goal…

Either way, Nike, sort your bloody lives out!

Where have I been!

So it’s been nearly a year since my last post. As you can probably guess I didn’t do the Outlaw Half this year. The reason behind this is that after I entered the event we found out that we were having another baby and she was due 2 weeks before the race.

Now being the person that I am and always looking for a reason to sit on my arse and not do anything I basically resigned myself to the fact that as I wasn’t doing the event I had no motivation to do any training. So here I am, halfway through August, carrying far too much extra weight and spending way too much time breathing in in my clothes!

A friend at work did do the Outlaw Half and said it was amazing. I’ve also re-read Andy Holgate’s book twice over and seen my cousins facebook page with his daily exercise to the point where I need to kick myself up the arse and get training!

So here we are, I got my VIP entry email for the 2015 Outlaw Half and I’ve paid my money!

I welcome any and all feedback, advice, tips and help that anybody reading this wants to provide and I hope you enjoy reading.

Let the training begin!!!

Positive Motivation

If you’re like me you need pushing to do most things. Certainly when it comes to housework and definitely when it comes to exercise. I tend to have the wonderful attitude of “In a minute” or “I’ll do it later”. Hence the reason for panicking like mad the night before a sprint triathlon thinking I hadn’t done enough (To be fair hardly any!).
Sure enough I turn up the day after and despite my new shiny bike and slightly better trainers I put in a shocking time. Albeit not last but my neighbour who also did it was finished and halfway home before I crossed the finish line.

So, this time I’m going to train properly. I don’t mean the odd run and bike ride but really properly. My time will still most likely be way down the rankings but I have to aim high.(At my height I’ve been doing that most of my life!)

Anyway, whilst messing around on the Amazon app I found a book buy a guy called Andy Holgate. His book Can’t swim, can’t bike, can’t run has been an inspiration. Not only does the title apply to me, but the story that he tells proves that anybody really can do triathlon and do rather well at it.

It’s give me lots to think about and I’m sure ill read it over and over again.


What I’ve let myself in for…


The Outlaw Half!

1.2 Miles Swim!

56 Mile Bike

13.1 Miles Run

Not too bad separately, but one after the other it’s more that’s I’ve done combined let alone in one go! If you’d like to know a bit more about it then check out the events website Here

Or if you’d like an even closer look check out the video Here

It’s of the full Outlaw which is twice as far but I’ll get the idea…

First Proper Bike

My mates Jonathan and Alex are bike mad, so I could think of no better people to badger for information. (One thing I’m not afraid to do is talk. A lot!)
After many shifts at work talking over and over, and the fact that I work about half a mile from where the Brownlee Brothers live I started looking a Boardman bikes I just simply couldn’t find a bike with the spec that they provide for the money they charge.

So, on a cold October morning I visited Halfords and purchased a brand spanking new Boardman Team 2012. The bike is amazing, top spec at that price point and more than enough for anything I’m likely to compete in!

The biggest problem with Halfords is that the staff (regardless off what they claim) don’t really provide the service that either Halfords or Boardman claim. The guy in the Harrogate store(what is it with Harrogate!) sized me up by standing me next to the bike and raising the saddle level with my hip! That’s it! At the very least he could have sat me on it and raised the saddle to the correct level…

Anyway, I got it fitted properly and the bike is amazing!


First Proper Trainers

Having visited Up and Running in Harrogate and had my gait analysed,I came away with a sparkling new pair of Brooks Ghost 3 trainers.


Now, firstly I should say the following. DON’T go buying trainers on a weekend! It’s impossible to spend the correct amount of time choosing your new footwear. Having had my gait analysed since it was obvious that the guy in Harrogate was simply bothered about the sale and not finding the best trainers for me. Firstly he must have told me 3 times that if i didn’t buy any trainers it would cost me £10 for the assessment. Yes he analysed my gait, but having explained that I underpronate and suffer if I get the wrong shoes, he put me on the treadmill for 15 seconds at barely above walking speed!
What I should say here is that I theory he did suggest the right type of shoes. Unfortunately, they still weren’t right for me.
Moral of the story is, having recently visited Up and Runnings York branch on a midweek afternoon, the guy could not have been any more helpful. Not only did he understand the human body, but he analysed my gait with 4 different pairs of trainers until we found the best pair for me!

I now have a fantastic pair of New Balance 1080 v3. Not only that he gave me £15 off and threw in a pair of running socks for free.